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Cost of valsartan 160 mg - $40,200 cost of vortioxetine 160 mg, - $15,500 cost of sertraline 200 mg, - $9,000 cost of escitalopram 200 mg. The total cost of all medications in the sample was $812.56 ($86.08 for valsartan, $9,090 vortioxetine, $7,835 sertraline, and for escitalopram.) Table III. Estimated Cost of Medications with Adverse Effects in the US Population Adverse Effect Estimated cost per patient year (in 2001 US dollars) Vortioxetine 100 mg $0.30 $5.95 Vortioxetine 150 mg $0.40 $9.00 Sertraline 500 Valsartan 50mg $111.92 - $0.41 Per pill mg $0.50 $11.10 Vortioxetine 800 mg $0.50 $11.20 Escitalopram 100 mg $0.70 $16.40 The above estimates are based on the average daily dosage, maximum dose escalation, and the cost of medication $100-$300 per dose. The results of survey are somewhat at variance with figures that the FDA published in its 2006 drug safety surveillance report. The 2010 FDA drug safety surveillance report does not distinguish between drugs that have a low cost and those that have a high cost. The data presented below are taken directly from the FDA report and FDA's website for 2012 2013 respectively. Adverse Drug Reaction Annual Cost (in billions of US dollars) 2011 2012 2013 Cost of medicine with adverse effect $1,863 $1,974 $1,895 In the FDA 2013 report, first chart below, which presents the data from 2011 (not 2013 as is done by the FDA) indicates average annual cost of a drug to have any adverse effect. Table IV. Average Annual Allergic Reactions in the Nation For an example of the cost allergic reaction: Example of Drug Reaction With a High Cost Drug Adverse Effect of $8.80 $12.80 $5.90 Drug with no adverse effect None $6.08 $7.58 $3.10 Drug with an adverse effect Acute otitis media $0.48 $5.72 $3.60 Drug with an adverse effect Allergic rhinitis $5.32 $8.50 $5.50 Drug with an adverse effect Allergic skin reactions $19.60 $24.60 $2.40 Drug with an adverse effect Asthma $9.20 $14.40 $17.40 Drug with an adverse effect Allergic rhinitis with medication, sinus and wheeze $4.92 $8.60 $4.20 Drug with an adverse effect Allergic skin reactions with medication $2.60 $4.40 $6.20 Drug with an adverse effect Allergic asthma, sinus and wheeze $1.90 $ 0.09 Drug with no adverse effect Gastrointestinal reactions 1.44 2.40 3.20 Drug with no adverse effect Heart failure 1.12 1.52 1.70 Allergic reactions, general 2.80 3.50 2.50 Drug with no adverse effect Allergic rhinitis, dermatitis.

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