Chaos: A Tale of Murder and Conspiracy (The Daniel Levin Mysteries Book 4)

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The year is 1935. There are deadly dust storms, national conspiracies, lynchings, starving families, dying children, and murder all around. Daniel Levin, the detective hero of this mystery, is in search of his runaway son. He has to learn to hop freight trains, deal with gangsters and face a horror from his past as a soldier during the First World War. On his thrilling journey, Daniel meets Jack Bell who has abandoned his parents in Oklahoma to search for his wife’s killer, a man with a bizarre face and a secret plan to change the course of history. Daniel and Jack team up with Hannah London, a reporter eager for assignments she’s not supposed to get. Together, these three travel across the country on a wild adventure tracking down the missing boy and the murderer. Along the way they uncover a plot involving an unstable and powerful man who wants the ultimate power.


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