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Can you buy amoxicillin 500mg for €18 in a health shop? If so then go for it. But if not then the answer to your question is obvious. You either live in a country with good access to antibiotics or you don't. But neither country has good access to antibiotics for the reasons mentioned earlier. If you live in a country with access to antibiotics, then antibiotics aren't a luxury, they are must have. You will get sick and, if you stay well, will get better. Antibiotics are a miracle for people with chronic disease and for people who are ill but need to keep on the go for work or personal reasons. What about Amoxicillin 500mg capsule cost patients who need the medicine urgently but can't afford it? The answer to that was not much earlier, either. Antibiotics can be a real luxury but this is due to their high cost. Even the most popular brand, Merck, makes it a major competitive disadvantage to manufacture for a cheaper price. However, an advanced case that requires continuous antibiotics to keep on track, such as that of a patient who has the infection for 3 weeks and has spent over 40€ on a single shot. Maybe this patient would be able to have all of his antibiotics via a cheap, universal supply (such as is available for many cases with acute HIV), but for an illness that lasts a few days, then more basic approach might be better. So why should a pharmaceutical company be afraid of generic medicines? One might say, they should be afraid of cheaper alternatives in general. If you go to the generic section of your supermarket, you will notice that many products are simply cheaper substitutes for their more expensive counterparts. But if that is the case, why it that a drug company won't make generic, cheaper versions of their pharmaceuticals? For one thing, generic versions are typically a more expensive version. The price tag for most basic brand, Amoxicillin, is between €60 (with no discounts) and €90 for 500mg. That is a very high price for pill with a potential benefit of only €3 – €5. This is the sort of price you pay when are a small pharma company. This is also why you generally don't see generic versions of brand name medications in your local pharmacy, you will not find any branded pills at a supermarket (unless those pills are marked as generic – see the question on generic antibiotics for details). In addition to this, some pharmaceutical company might want to keep the price down for general population. Generic versions of more expensive products might make them even more expensive for them. example, the antibiotic roxithromycin can cost only €7.50 for a 5 milligram capsule! The generic version of this drug costs between €20 – €38, or even $35 for 10mg capsules. The question you should ask yourself is whether you care if a drug costs more or not. If not, then there is nothing to fear from using a generic version. You may choose to save some money with the generic version, but then cost for the generic drug might also be higher than the name brand, so what good would that do for your pocket? If you do care at all about being able to afford antibiotics, then you might not be thinking of how much it costs to manufacture them. If that is the case, then you might be wondering why is a generic version important. Because it can't be made cheaply enough to compete with branded versions on price, and if you save on the price in your pharmacy, you will buy more.